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Special Excursions

In addition to the many options downtown, you can also book special excursions in exciting locations outside the city center. These can be combined with a city tour or booked independently. As always you can choose your preferred means of transportation; bicycles can easily be taken on public transport, or we can rent a car to be comfortable and fast.

You can also book a special experience such as an exclusive cocktail workshop in a privately rented mixology bar in Kreuzberg.

The Devil’s Mountain

10 km west of the city center is a mysterious Place: One third of the rubble from all the destroyed buildings in Berlin during World War II was unloaded near the “Devil’s lake”. This artificially built hill became the highest terrain in West Berlin and was called “Teufelsberg”.
Later the NSA built one of its largest listening station atop the hill. The secret spy station was used to gather information from communist East Berlin. After the fall of the wall the station was abandoned. I love to show this fascinating place: We can explore its ruin and discover a huge street art gallery, walk through the building and enjoy a spectacular view of the city.

Tempelhof Airfield

The Tempelhof Airport is in the middle of the city and has an incredible history. As part of Hitler’s “world capital Germania” it was intended to become the gateway to Europe and a symbol of the Nazi power. Described by Sir Norman Foster as “the mother of all airports”, it’s still known as one of the largest commercial buildings worldwide. During the cold war, it was used for the Berlin Airlift and saved West-Berlin from the communist dictatorship.
Today the building itself remains closed, but it’s as impressive from outside. Its airfield is a gigantic recreational park where locals cycle, run and roller-skate on its former runways and the only one of its kind.

Potsdam – Residence of the Prussian Kings

Just 25 km southwest of central Berlin on the Havel river is the former Prussian royal residence of Potsdam. With its picturesque and pastoral dreamlike gardens and palaces, its planning embodies the Age of Enlightenment, there to remind its residents of their relationship with nature and reason.
Today it’s the largest World Heritage Site in Germany and probably the most popular day trip from Berlin. On our way to Potsdam we can also stop at the Glienicke Bridge (the Bridge of spies) and at the Wannsee House, the site of the Wannsee Conference.

Lake Tour

Berlin is surrounded by beautiful lakes and rivers with fantastic vegetation. The largest lake is the Müggelsee, next to the historical town Köpenick where the very first Slavic castle was built around the year 800, much earlier than any known construction in central Berlin.
There we can rent a ‘raft’- which is more a like a miniature house boat, with a barbecue and a small music system- and take day tour on the lake and its surrounding rivers. Of course, we can also explore this area on bikes or by car.

Cocktail Workshop

In collaboration with Izabela and her “Bar in a Jar” in the heart of Kreuzberg, we offer a cocktail workshop as a team, where you can learn about some basics of cocktail mixing, the mixology culture and about certain selected products.
The bar is rented and reserved for our private event. Each participant gets his own equipment and mixes his own drinks. All spirits we serve are absolute high-end products and come exclusively from Berlin.

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What would you like to do?

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